How to save favorites
Saving Records in Favorites

In Primo, you can save items, also called records, to your favorites by selecting the pin icon.    You can pin each record individually by opening the link to the record.

You can also pin multiple records from a list of search results by selecting the pin icon in each result:

Or you can select records using the numbered check boxes to the left and pin using the icon at the top:

Saving Searches in Favorites

You can save searches to your favorites. The saved search will include all of the filters (or search terms) you used to create the search. 

To save your search, select "Save query." You will be given the option to turn on notifications for this search, emailing you when new materials matching this search are added to the library's collections.

How to manage favorites
To see all of your favorites, select the pin icon next to your name.

Your favorites include:
  • Saved records (or items)
  • Saved searches
  • Your search history
    • Note: your search history is saved per session. If you perform a search, log out of your account, and log back in, your search will not be saved under your search history. 

Adding Labels

You can add your own labels to saved records. You can add a label to multiple records by selecting the check box, or you can add a label to each individual record.

You can also add multiple labels to the same record, and you can filter results under the "Labels" heading.

Managing Notifications for Saved Searches

You can manage email alerts for saved searched by selecting the bell icon. These emails will notify you when new materials matching the search are added to the library's collections.

How to email, print, and retrieve citations
Primo offers a variety of ways to save or share records. You can select the appropriate action under the ellipses icon  or by opening the full record. Actions include:

  • Email
    • Emails you a link to the record of the item you're viewing in Primo.
  • Permalink
    • It is always best to save links using the permalink - do not copy/paste the link from your browser.
  • Citation
    • Remember to check citations for accuracy. The library has created guides for APA, MLA, and Chicago Style.
  • Print
    • Tip: the Primo print icon will print the record. If you are trying to print the full text article, you must view the article online.
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