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Index and some full text of journals published by Sage.
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Index and full text of sociology and social work journals.
more information Some full text availablespeechBITE
Note: Some full-text articles are available. Contact library@trnty.edu for help if your article isn't linked in this resource.
speechBITE is a database of intervention studies across the scope of speech pathology practice. Studies on this database include Systematic Reviews (SR), Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT), Non-Randomised Controlled Trials (non-RCT), Case Series (CS), and Single Case Experimental Design (SCED).
more information Restricted Resource Resource contains videoSymptomMedia
Symptom Media’s behavioral health clinical training titles are guided by the DSM, incorporating the symptoms into a concise vignette that promotes critical thinking, allows for discussion and analysis of symptoms that creates the optimal learning experience.
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