Narrowing your search
Although you can perform a search without signing in, the library recommends that you sign in to Primo. Signing in helps ensure that you can see all resources (some resources don't appear until after you sign in).

Enter your search terms in the search box and select the appropriate scope (for more infomation, the library has a separate guide explaining search scopes, or what you're searching in Primo).

For this example, we are searching for "community development" in "Trinity Resources." (Note: Trinity Resources searches both the Library Catalog and Articles).

You can tweak, or filter, your results using the sidebar. Select the arrow icon  to expand each filter heading.

You can include or exclude filters to narrow your results. Apply multiple filters to customize your search.

Hover or tap to the left to include a filter: 

Or hover or tap to the right to exclude a filter: 

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Primo searches the library catalog and electronic resources for books, articles, videos, etc.