The Jennie Huizenga Memorial Library looks forward to serving the needs of the Trinity community during the 2020-2021 academic year. Below are some answers to questions regarding library space and services. You can also check our homepage for announcements and more information about our regular services.

Last updated 18 January 2021.
What are the library's hours for Spring semester?
Monday-Thursday: 8am-9pm
Friday: 8 am-4 pm
Saturday: 10am-4 pm
Sunday: 4pm-9pm

Monday, January 18: 9am-6pm
CLOSED April 2-4 (Good Friday-Easter Sunday)
What will the library look like?
Library space has been rearranged for individual study only. Plexiglass has been installed at the circulation desk. Seating has been moved to accommodate social distancing requirements and limit the number of patrons within the library. Study rooms will be closed for the semester.
What is the library doing about safety?
JHML strives to ensure that library materials and spaces are safe for patron use. Patrons must practice six-foot social distancing and maintain good hand hygiene. Masks are required throughout the library, including while studying. Library staff will periodically clean high-touch surfaces throughout the day; however, we ask that each patron clean their individual study space both before and after use to minimize potential exposure to the virus. Sanitizing stations are available throughout the library to assist with cleaning. All library materials will either be disinfected (when possible) or quarantined before being returned to the shelf.
Do I need to come into the library if I don’t feel safe?
Not necessarily. Many library resources remain accessible online through e-books, e-journals, and databases. To reduce the amount of time spent in our building, patrons can request physical items online from Trinity (local borrowing) or other academic libraries (I-Share/ILL) and pick up the items at the Circulation Desk.
Can I find my own books (i.e. browse the shelves)?
Yes! You can browse our collection; however, we encourage you to limit the amount of time you spend there. If you do touch a book while browsing, please place it on one of the “browsing shelves” and a library staff member will re-shelve it for you. Also, if someone is in the same area as you, please wait until they vacate before entering the area.
Will computers and printing be available?
Yes! A limited number of computers will be available. We encourage all students to use their own device when possible. Printing will remain accessible when the library is open.
Are other offices in the library open?
Yes, in some form!

The IT Help Desk is available both in-person and online to help with your computing needs through a variety of touchless methods (for more information, see Trollweb). Hours will roughly mirror library hours from Monday-Friday.

The Office of Learning Services (OLS) is available by appointment only, either in-person or online.

The Writing Center will be available to help with writing needs; check the Writing Center website for details.
What about Fusion 59?
Fusion 59 will be available for small group study (socially distanced) when not in in use by the business department or other organizations on campus.
Can I bring food in the library?
Yes. Drinks in closed containers and light snacks are acceptable for consumption in the library. Masks should be worn when not eating or drinking.
Will the library have reserves and textbooks?
Some course reserves will be available for the spring semester, as decided in conjunction with faculty.
What does it mean when my library returns are "quarantined?"
When you return materials to the library, they will be quarantined before library staff members check them in and remove them from your account. For example, if you return library materials on Thursday, October 1, then those materials will stay on your account until Thursday, October 8. After the quarantine period, library staff will then backdate the return to ensure that the correct return date is recorded.
Are there fines for overdue items?
Generally, no. Due to safety protocols, items will remain on your account for a period of days after you turn an item in. No fines, fees, or other penalty will accrue during the quarantine period.

Penalties are in place for items you fail to return to the library at all.
I still have materials checked out from other semesters. How can I return them?
On-campus and local students can and should return those materials during normal library hours by their due date.
Non-local students, please fill out this form, and a prepaid mailing label will be sent to your Trinity email address. Then, print and attach the label to the package that contains your library item(s) (including bubble wrap or other packing materials), and mail the package back to Trinity.
I am a non-local student taking classes remotely. Can I borrow books from the library?
The library will mail up to five items to non-local students (continental U.S. only). Please fill out this form to make a request! For multiple books, you must submit multiple forms.
We cannot guarantee that all requests will be filled. I-Share requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. You may be encouraged to use your local library, or we may electronically scan portions of materials instead of mailing items.
What if I have a question that's not answered here?
You're welcome to ask questions at the Circulation Desk, email, or call 708-293-4925. For research help, use the online scheduler for a virtual appointment.